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New From N&K Dip Nets

Industrial Scoop Nets

Net your fish quicker and easier with our
new “scoop” frame

  • Front of the frame angles upward to create a scoop. Fish are drawn down inside rather than escaping out over the top as with a flat frame.
  • Reinforced with extra support on the front edge — yet still lightweight to use.
  • Narrower and longer than our other 55″ circumference frames. Makes sorting fish more precise. Also works well for scooping bait fish.
  • Can be used with our aluminum handles or our fiberglass handles for electro-shocking.

Weighing Dip Nets

  • Allows for one-step weighing. No need to transfer fish into weighing bucket.
  • Evenly balanced for easier handling and quicker results.
  • Weighing arm rests on frame when not in use.
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Thank you for your interest in N&K Dip Nets… Customer satisfaction is our key to success. We want
you to know that the dip nets we manufacture
are guaranteed to provide years of use, and our
greatest pride is in how quickly we ship orders to our
customers. We are confident that N&K Dip Nets will
prove to be your best choice for heavy duty dip nets in
terms of strength, usability, and customer service.
Our entire line of dip nets are built with heavy duty
frames that are double or triple reinforced aluminum.
We offer seven frame circumferences ranging from
28″ to 101″ in five basic shapes –  Square Corner
Rectangle, Round Corner Rectangle, Trapezoid,
Narrow Trapezoid, and Oval.  N&K Dip Nets offers fixed length or telescoping fiberglass handles for electro-shocking applications as well as fixed length and telescoping aluminum handles.
Dip Net Frame Features :

  • Custom made from lightweight, yet strong 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • Double and triple reinforced frames make them industrial strength.
  • Machined aluminum handle receiver is press fit onto the frame for maximum strength and endurance in heavy lifting situations.
  • All openings are plugged to keep water out and allow for flotation.
  • Fitted plastic net-guard comes standard to reduce abrasion from tanks, rocks, and other debris, providing longer bag life.
Fiberglass Handle Features :

  • Designed for electro-shocking applications.
  • Reinforced fiberglass material with .110 wall thickness.
  • Two diameter options – 1″ diameter or 1-1/4″ diameter to correspond with frame size.
  • User-friendly connection to frame through a rigid, no wiggle snap button system.
  • Plugged to keep water out and allow for flotation.
  • Choice of fixed length or telescoping design.
  • Special order lengths available.
Aluminum Handle Features :

  • Made from lightweight, yet strong 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • Three diameter options –  7/8″, 1-1/8″, and 1-3/8″ diameter to correspond with frame size and work load.
  • Choice of detachable or permanently attached to frame.
  • Detachable handles have a user-friendly connection to frame through a rigid, no wiggle snap button system.
  • Plugged to keep water out and allow for flotation.
  • Special order lengths available.



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