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Choose a bag mesh and depth

Knotless 100% nylon or dacron® polyester Bag Mesh is sun and rot- resistant, high-quality knotless netting, double machine stitched for long life under rugged conditions. Flat sewn bottoms for easier fish handling.
Pricing based on mesh size, frame circumference, and depth.
How to Measure:  Determine bag depth by measuring along side seam from frame to the seam on the bottom of the bag.

NOTE: Photos for mesh design only- Hole size is not to scale.

1/16″ Delta Knotless

1/8″ Heavy Delta Knotless 58# Test

3/16″ Delta Knotless 44# Test

1/4″ Heavy Delta Knotless

1/2″ Heavy Delta Knotless

1/2″ Square #504 Nylon
3/4″ Square #504 Nylon
1″ Square #504 Nylon
1 -3/4″ Square #420 Nylon



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