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Choose a bag mesh and depth

Knotless 100% nylon or dacron® polyester Bag MeshSun and rot- resistant, high-quality knotless netting, double machine stitched for
long life under rugged conditions. Flat, sewn bottoms for easier fish handling.
Pricing based on mesh size, frame circumference, and depth.
1/32″ Dacron © Polyester
How to Measure:Determine bag depth by measuring along side seam from frame to the seam on the bottom of the bag.

NOTE: Photos for mesh design only- Hole size is not to scale.

1/16″ Nylon

1/8″ Nylon

1/8″ Super Heavy Duty Nylon

3/16″ #105 Nylon
1/4″ Atlas Nylon or Dacron © Polyester
1/2″ Square #252 Nylon
1/2″ Square #504 Nylon
3/4″ Square #504 Nylon
1″ Square #504 Nylon
1 -3/4″ Square #420 Nylon



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