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FRAMES – Frames with net bag and net guard included may be purchased without an accompanying handle.

HANDLES – Aluminum and/or Fiberglass Handles may be purchased separately.

NET BAGS – Replacement net bags are available for all of our frames. Specify frame circumference,mesh choice, and bag depth. Twine for lacing your bag onto the frame is included at no extra charge with each replacement bag purchased.

NET GUARDS – Replacement polyethylene net guards are available. Specify frame shape and frame circumference. Twine for lacing your guard onto the frame is included at no extra charge with each replacement net guard purchased.

LACING NEEDLE – Specially bent needles to help you lace your replacement net bag or net guard onto your frame.

LACING TWINE – N&K Dip Nets offers lacing twine by the spool or by the yard. If you need assistance figuring the length of twine necessary to lace a bag or net guard onto a certain circumference frame, one of our lacing experts at N&K Dip Nets can help you.


NET AND NET GUARD REPLACEMENT – N&K Dip Nets will lace new bags and net guards onto your old frames for you. Simply call and tell us you are sending your dip net frame (with or without old bag and net guard attached) to us. We will then help you to identify your frame shape and circumference and ask you to specify what new bag mesh and depth you would like. Upon receipt of your frame, we will lace the new bag and net guard on for you. You will be charged for the removal of existing bags and net guards, the replacement bag, the replacement net guard, a lacing fee, and return shipping fee.




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