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Dip Net Frame Features:

  • Custom made from lightweight, yet strong 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • Light work load frames have two tubes of aluminum inserted inside each other creating double-walled reinforcement.
  • Medium work load and heavy work load frames have three layers of aluminum tubing for triple-walled reinforcement. This adds exceptional strength to this critical area.
  • Machined aluminum handle receiver is press fit onto the frame for maximum strength and endurance in heavy lifting situations.
  • All openings are plugged to keep water out and allow for flotation.
  • Heavy duty, fitted polyethylene net-guard comes standard on all N&K Dip Nets frames to reduce abrasion from tanks, rocks, and other debris, providing longer bag life.

We offer seven frame circumferences ranging from 28” to 101” in six basic shapes:

• Square Corner Rectangle

• Round Corner Rectangle

• Trapezoid

• Narrow Trapezoid

• Oval

• Diamond


We have specialty frames available including:

Industrial Scoop Nets

Net your fish quicker and easier with our “scoop” frame

Front of the frame angles upward to create a scoop. Fish are drawn down inside.

Reinforced with extra support on the front edge — yet still lightweight to use.

Narrower and longer than our other 55″ circumference frames.

A great option for scooping bait fish.



         Weighing Dip Nets



Allows for one-step weighing.

No need to transfer fish into a weighing bucket.

Evenly balanced for easier handling and quicker results.

Weighing arm rests on frame when not in use.

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